All I can say is, yay for Friday!  I don’t know why I’m so happy that the weekend’s here.  I’ve had two 4-day work weeks because of my teeth, but I feel like the week’s been long.   Only a few more hours until it’s time to bust out of this joint!!

Another reason I’m excited is because T’s mom is in town, and she’s awesome!  We get along really well, and I’m the daughter that she never had.  Why is she here you ask?  Well…she is a huge Nascar fan (I know, so rednecky and she’s from NY), and there is a big race down here this weekend.  She flew into Atlanta yesterday morning and is hanging with her Nascar buddies at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.  Tonight they are heading up to Atlanta to hang out with us.  We’ll probably end up going to dinner and having drinks at our favorite neighborhood bar with our friends and potentially my parents (it’s like our Cheers, I swear…everyone knows our names and what we drink.  It’s awesome!).  It’ll probably get pretty crazy.  Last time T’s family was in town we went there for dinner and drinks and about $450 got dropped – no wonder they love us there! 

Back to this race thing.  I personally don’t understand how you could spend money to watch cars drive around in circles for hours.  Don’t get me wrong, I love going to sporting events, but racing… no.  But Mama T loves it.  She’s literally obsessed!  I know after we have a few drinks, she’ll try to convince us to come down and tailgate with them.  And I must admit, I am sort of intrigued to see so many rednecks and rednecky things in one place!  T’s mom isn’t a redneck at all, it’s just that a lot of the fans are.  I do have a hair appointment in the area of the race track, so maybe we’ll just have to stop by and see what it’s really like.

Speaking of hair appointments, my hair is getting pretty long.  Some of it touches my shoulders (for most of you that’s still short, but not for me).  It’s weird to have it this long.  I’m just going to get the color touched up and the split ends and bangs trimmed.  I wonder how long it’ll be by August – hopefully I don’t get annoyed with it and hack it off before the wedding.  

In wedding-related news, I’ve almost addressed all of my save the dates!  I think I have about 20 left (some people still haven’t given me their addresses and some are for the German family).  I’m still debating on whether to send them the save the dates because weddings in Germany are so much different than ones in the US, and I’m not sure they’ll know what the save the date is for.  But I ordered 100, so I might as well use them!  I also purchased the cute love stamps and convinced the guy at the post office to give me one of those envelope sealers so I don’t have to lick 100 envelops…ick.

Hope you have a great weekend!  And maybe on Monday I’ll have some stories from our (potential) adventure in Nascar land…vrooommmm