T and I have two very crazy kitties, our furbabies as we like to call them.  They are both a little over 2 years old and are the sweetest cats anyone could ask for.  They can be a little annoying and bad at times, but for the most part they are great.


Zoey is high class and enjoys dirty martinis from time to time

Zoey was the first edition to the furry family.  I adopted her in November 2005.  The weekend of T’s and my 6-year anniversary, we went to a local shelter to play with the cats and dogs.  We went into the kitten room and saw this beautiful gray kitten.  She kept jumping into my lap every time I sat down.  I took this as a sign.  The next day, I left work early (told the boss I had a doctors appointment) and adopted her.

When I first brought her home, she was the snuggliest little thing.  She was always in my lap or sleeping right next to me on my pillow (which got kinda gross when she had a cold and kept sneezing on me at night).  She would travel up to Athens with me when I went to visit T for the weekend (he was in grad school at the point).  We were practically inseparable.

In March 2006, I felt bad that she didn’t have a playmate when I was away.  I was considering getting another cat from the shelter to keep her company.  One weekend, I went back for a volunteer orientation and convinced T to play with the kitties before we went home.  In the same kitten room where we found Zoey, we saw this scrawny little black kitten chasing the bigger cats around.  He was completely adorable (he was kind of ugly, but cute at the same time), and I wanted him.  My mom said she’d pay for the adoption fees, and he could be my Easter present.  So Fado came home with us, and Zoey got a friend.


Fado really likes to snuggle

Needless to say, Zoey wasn’t completely thrilled with him at first.  Next to him, she looked like a monster because he was so small.  But they adapted to each other pretty quickly.  By the end of the day, they had chased each other around the house and ended up napping right next to each other. 

Now that they’ve been together for more than two years, they get along really well.  They like to play outside together or chase each other around the house (which is soo cute).  But they are so different…

Fado (named after our favorite Irish Pub) thinks he is a dog.  He loves being outside, sitting on the fence, tormenting the neighborhood dogs.  He loves water.  When it’s raining, we can’t keep him inside!  One time I saw him hopping in puddles in the rain – really strange for a cat.  He only drinks water out of the faucet or cups (a bad habit he picked up after a lot of drunk friends crashed at our house one night, leaving glasses of water in the living room for him to guzzle).  He also likes to sleep in the bathtub and will sometimes join you in the shower, just to see what’s going on in there.  He’s a lap whore.  Whenever people come over, he has to sit in everyone’s lap for a few minutes.  When he’s not sleeping on fleece blankets on the bed, you can find him curled up in a shoe box under the bed (his homeless kitty spot). He’ll even let you carry him around like a little baby.  Before we let him outside, he was a terror.  I can’t even tell you about all the cups and other glass objects he’s knocked on the ground and broken. 

Zoey on the other hand is a Miss Priss.  If you drip water on her, she acts like it might kill her.  She loves to eat.  Her life revolves around getting food.  Anytime you walk into the kitchen, she is on your heels because she thinks she might get fed (this is also why she weighs around 12-13 lbs).  She likes to be outside, but runs away when she thinks a dog is in the vicinity.  She doesn’t cuddle as much as she used to before we got Fado.  She really HATES  to be picked up for some reason.  She loves to claw the furniture and the carpet on the stairs (which she has really destroyed in the less two years we’ve lived there).  Rolling around on the concrete is pretty cool too.  Zoey is also a talker…she loves to meow… a lot.

 Here are some more pictures of my furbabies…    


This is from the weekend we got Fado…they were so tiny back then      


Being bad on the bookshelf mantle


Zoey wants to get on stuffonmycat.com


Fado likes boxes


Getting along from day 1


They really like the laundry room (closet) for some reason…Sometimes they push each other down into the crack between the dryer and the wall.

Those are my babies.  Hope you enjoy!

**UPDATE**  I went to the dentist this morning because of my teeth problems.  They took the stiches out, cleaned the socket with mouthwash (hurt like hell), then put a dressing on it that has numbing meds on it, and I am feeling much better.  The headache’s going away (I think part of it may be pollen related), and I’m not dizzy anymore.  Thanks for all your support!  🙂