I think I was a little too blasé about my wisdom teeth surgery.  I felt pretty good after it on Friday and felt pretty decent on Saturday, just a little swollen.  But now it’s Monday, and I still have a half-chipmunk face.  I didn’t go to work today because I was still swollen, and this shit hurts.  Plus I can’t take my crazy meds if I’m at work because they make me a little loopy and unable to drive.  The thing that annoys me about this whole situation is that it’s not the sockets where my teeth used to be that hurt.  It’s my check.  I think they cut into it, making my face look like I’m a squirrel trying to smuggle nuts and causing me all this pain and annoyance.  Grrr….ok, I’ll stop complaining about my jacked up mouth – which I still can’t really open. 

In wedding news, since I was laid up at home all weekend, I started our wedding registry (woot).  I picked out all of these fun new kitchen appliances, pots and pans, knives, and utensils.  I am so excited, and I can’t wait to get and use them!  I was also looking at some china that I may want to register for.  I know we won’t use it that often, but it’ll be nice to have dishes that don’t cost $1 and are from Ikea.  I found some at Crate & Barrel that are so adorable and aren’t too girly.  And I don’t think that they are too expensive… 




Here are some other fun things off my registry that I thought you might enjoy:

Lazy Susan 3-in-1 Fondue Set

Who doesn’t love fondue?  


Margaritaville® Bahamas™ Frozen Concoction™ Maker

And a really awesome frozen drink maker (my friend has one and it rocks).


KitchenAid® 5-Quart Artisan™ Stand Mixer

Every cooks needs a great mixer


Cuinsinart® Stainless Steel 17-Piece Cookware Set

Shiny new pots and pans


Henckels Classic 15-Piece Knife Block Set

And kick-ass cutlery!  I can chop like a chef when I have sharp knives!  🙂 


I also like these bedspreads but am worried that they will clash with all of my black picture frames that are currently in my room.  What do you think? 

Lulu Mini Comforter Set by Angela Adams, 100% Cotton        Lola Mini Comforter Set by Angela Adams, 100% Cotton


Since T and I have been together for so long, we have accumulated a decent amount of housewares.  We already have a lot of furniture, so we don’t need to register for that.  We’ve also already decorated our house, and we barely have any wall space left.  Instead of registering for a bunch of crap that we really don’t need, I’d rather have a honeymoon registry or have a savings account that guests can add money to.  We could use the money to renovate our bathrooms or to go on a great honeymoon.  Plus it might be more convenient for our guests since our families are from out of town.  Is that an unclassy thing to do?  I appreciate your input!  

While I was dying this weekend, I also roped some of my BMs into coming over to babysit me (aka keep me company) and convinced them to help me get the save the dates ready to send out.  All I have to say is, thank god they were there!!  The cards are cute and say “Bing and T will tie the knot” and have this silvery cord tied through the middle.  I couldn’t figure out how to tie it to save my life.  I had to watch CMc and JD do it a million times before I finally caught on.  And even when I did, I still sucked at it.  Eventually I just tied the little bows on them since that was fairly impossible to mess up.  We even started addressing some of the envelopes, and I hope I may be able to get them finished and mailed out this week!  Yay.  Maybe I’ll even address some more tonight…

Ok, I’m off for now.  I feel funky and should take a shower or a nice relaxing bubble bath.  Maybe that will help shrink my chipmunk face!  🙂