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Wedding planning and everything wedding-related has been taking over my brain.  I’m sure it will only get worse in the months to come! 

In 2 weeks we are taking our engagement photos, and I am so excited.  We will be having them done in a beautiful park in downtown Atlanta, I’m just hoping we’ll have nice weather.  After a string of super sunny and warm days, a blast of winter has descended upon us Southerners.  And I am not too happy about this.  I’m afraid it’ll get cold enough for frost, meaning all of the beautiful flowers will wilt and/or die.  Not cool. 

I am also having a slight dilemma.  What should I wear for the pictures?  I’m torn between jeans and a cute top or a cute dress.  What do you think will be best?  I’ve seen engagement pictures done more casually and more formally, and I liked both ways.  A friend of mine suggested that I bring 2 outfits and do some both ways.  I guess that’s an option for me to consider.  And what about T?  He was thinking of wearing jeans and a nice button up.  If I do wear a dress, should he dress up a little more?  

Since photo time is right around the corner, I’m going to be hitting up the gym like a maniac.  I don’t want to look untoned and flabby for the pictures.  Anyone got any great arm workouts that they want to share?

My next goal before the session is to whiten my teeth.  My smoking and Diet Coke habit have made my pearly whites not as bright as they used to be.  I really want to do Brite Smile, but it’s a small fortune – ok maybe it’s not that bad, but it definitely isn’t cheap.  Plus I don’t really have the time to do it before the pictures.  I was thinking of trying out some of the whitening strips.  I’ve known people who have used the Crest ones and have had great results.  Has anyone used Crest or any of the other brands?  If so, did they work?  They aren’t cheap, and I’d rather not waste $40 on crappy strips that don’t brighten my smile.      

In other wedding-related news, T and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to add some more items to our list.  I think he had a decent time with the little scanner contraption.  We picked out some cool things – new patio furniture with a lighted umbrella (snazzy), nice new towels, new everyday dishes, and more fun kitchen products like a panini maker.  This is so much fun.  We should have registries for everything! 

Just in case your curious, here are the new everyday dishes we picked out.  They will match nicely with the gray ones we have from Ikea.

We’re also going to register for some formal china.  I know we won’t use it much, but it is still nice to have fancier dishes when guests come over.  T is a big fan of simple dishes that are square.  So I was thinking these would be a good choice.  They aren’t too girly and match with T’s taste.


They look plain online, but in real life the platinum band really pops.  I also like the fact that it comes with other accessories – gravy boats, sugar bowls, serving dishes, etc.  Some of the other ones didn’t have those options.


As you all know, I’ve had some water heater drama.  I left work early on Wednesday to let the plumber in to work on it.  He tried fixing it and did a few things that he thought would make it work.  For some reason it had tripped the breaker, and there was no power going to it.  When I learned that I felt really dumb, but that wasn’t the only problem with it.  

Apparently it was pretty old.  But someone had painted over the information telling us exactly how old it was so we couldn’t determine it’s actual age.  Then there was a size issue.  The heater is 18 inches wide and sits in this special water heater closet.  Well, the door is only 17 inches wide.  Major problem.  First of all, who designs a door that is smaller than the item it is hiding? Idiots.  The plumber brought another heater with him, but that one was 20 inches wide so there was no way in hell that it was getting through the tiny doorway.  He told me he’d have to go find a different heater that was the same size as the old one so it would fit through the door.  He also told me that he had to come back on Thursday to install it, and that he might have to cut the door out to get it in.  Or if worse came to worse, he’d cut a hole in the wall to make it fit.  Um, no.

The plumber left, leaving us with no hot water once again.  I ended up going walking with JD after he left (yay exercising – we walked almost 4 miles!), so I knew I was going to need a shower in the morning.  T and I discussed going to the gym on Thursday morning and showering there.  It was a solid plan, until the alarm didn’t go off.  Just our luck!  T decided to skip the arctic shower.  I unfortunately didn’t.

I figured I could just brave the cold again, but decided against it.  So I went downstairs to boil some water.  I put a large bowl in the microwave and the large pasta pot on the stove so I’d have hot water.  They finally got hot, so I dragged them upstairs and took the most ghetto shower of my life.  I felt like Little House on the Prairie gone wrong.  Splashing water on me to soap up and eventually rinse off.  Pouring a bowl of water on my head to shampoo and condition – that was not so fun.  I ended up not having enough water and had to get in the arctic stream after all.  But at least I was clean!

My dad happened to be in the area yesterday afternoon, so he was nice enough to sit at my house and wait for the plumber.  He was also able to cut part of the door frame out without damaging anything, and the new water heater fit in there perfectly.  Yay for hot water and an awesome dad (who also gave the heater to us as an early wedding present).  He rocks!

In work related drama, I almost made a huge boo-boo yesterday.  We are creating these really cool invitations to send to media inviting them to a media trip.  We worked on them all day yesterday so we could finally send them out.  We created these 8.5 x 11 labels that we used to seal the boxes and for the addresses.  We started putting postage directly on the labels so it looked nicer.  We had about 45 invitations to assemble and address.  Part way through addressing them, I noticed that the states weren’t matching up with the locations of the publications.  I must have partially sorted the list in Excel and shifted everything around incorrectly.  Luckily the 15 we had already done were ok, and I noticed the mistake before we continued on.  Because reprinting the $1.99 postage on 15 new labels would have sucked and been a waste of money!  After about an hour of hunting down the correct addresses we were able to finish. 

I also got some crazy news from my old old job,  My poor friend Tay is still stuck there and is desperately trying to get out of there quickly.  Keep your fingers crossed that she finds something better soon!  She g-chats me and tells me that 2 of the sales guys got into a fist fight in the middle of the office, and no one did anything.  How unprofessional is that?!?!  They normally get along well, but they were arguing over a contract (sale) one of them turned in.  One guy, R, bowed up at G, and G wasn’t having it.  He punched R in the face, and R went down.  Then G continued to attack him.  Finally 2 other guys broke up the fight.  The kicker about this whole thing is that Little Man was in his office, on the phone with his wife, and never came out to see what was happening.  People told him about the fight, and he still didn’t do anything.  And…G and R are both still at work, sitting in cubicles that are really close to each other.  I’m so glad that I got out of there almost a year ago.  Someone needs to close that place down!   

In wedding news, my bridesmaids have started planning my shower – yay!  My mom’s friend is also hosting one for me.  I’m so excited about all of this and grateful for having such awesome people in my life.  But it also means that T and I need to get on the ball about finishing up our registries.  I think I’m going to kidnap him on Sunday and drag him to the stores.  🙂 

Have any of you heard of The Knot’s create a gift registry?  I think it’s a really good idea.  You basically register for American Express Gift Cheques and pick items that you want the checks for.  They come in increments of $50 and can be used on anything from paying for the honeymoon to electronics to house repairs.  I seriously want us to do that!         

Sorry for the long post, but I didn’t have any time to post yesterday!  Hope you all have a great weekend!  




Welcome to my own personal hell.  As you all know, I’m getting married in less than 5 months.  I’ve got wedding planning on my brain!  I’m trying really hard not to spend money on stupid things (shopping, going out for lunch, drinking) and save.  But of course, the economy has gone to shit!  My lovely ING Direct savings account that used to earn around 4.5% interest is now barely earning 3%.  I keep having all these major expenses come up – my wisdom teeth, car repairs, wedding rings and honeymoon.  Well, now I have one more thing to add to my list – the fucking water heater!

This morning, T took the first shower.  Our other shower decided to leak all over our laundry room leaving us with only one working place to take a shower.  Well, this morning T went in first so he could get to work earlier.  He comes out and says that the water wasn’t really hot.  In fact, it was barely warm.  I’m not that alert in the mornings since I’m not a fan of getting up early.  I mumbled, that sucks and hopped in.  At first it was cool.  I thought it wouldn’t be too bad if I just hurried up and only took a 5 minute shower.  Well, I was wrong.  Way wrong.  The water was freezing…so cold that my feet started to get numb.  Rinsing the soap off my body was torture and consisted of me jumping under the water for 5 seconds, screaming and jumping back out, over and over again.  I flipped my head over so the water would only hit my hair and not the rest of me when I rinsed out the shampoo and conditioner. 

Why didn’t I just skip the shower, you ask?  Well, I worked out last night and felt kind of funky.  Plus I was already soaped up when it got really cold.

Anyway, since I know so much about water heaters (haha, yeah right), I went downstairs to investigate before I left for work.  I wasn’t really sure what to look for, plus my dad didn’t answer when I called.  So I touched it, and it felt cold.  That seemed suspicious to me.  I thought something about having to relight the pilot light.  Yeah, all my appliances are gas, so there is nothing to relight.  My dad finally called back and said he wouldn’t be able to look at it till the weekend, and that he wasn’t sure if he could do anything to fix it.  I can’t NOT have water for the next 3 days, so I called a plumber recommended by my condo complex.  Luckily he’s in the area working on some other houses, so he is going to get me a new water heater and come by when he is done with the other people.  The lady in the office said she’d call me before he headed over there so I could be home when he arrived.  Now I’m waiting for the phone call saying that I can leave and blow another several hundred dollars on the house.  Hell, while he’s there I might as well have him check out the leak in the shower – even if it means tearing out the tiles/wall.  We can’t use it as it is now anyway…

For all of you future homeowners, try to buy something new if you can afford it.  Older houses are cool and have character, but they have a lot of problems that will cost you an arm and a leg.  My condo was built in 1968 and is maintained very well by the complex, but there are still tons of hidden problems that weren’t there 2 years ago when we bought it.    


For all of my curious readers out there, we did get out early on Friday.  At around 3.  Not great, but still not too shabby.  I went home and let the kitties out and sat on the porch to read Running with Scissors until it was time to meet up with everyone at Sweetwater.  Eventually we all gathered to enjoy some great local beer, the sun and some music.  It was a nice Friday.

Saturday I went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to check out the special orchid exhibit with some friends.  It was really cool.  There were so many different colors, shapes and sizes of orchids that I didn’t even knew existed.  After we walked around the gardens and took some crazy pictures, we headed to Piedmont Park and strolled around.  It was such a beautiful day.  It was breezy and in the 70s.  Everyone was out with their dogs, playing Frisbee or tanning, having a great time.  There were a few weddings taking place around the premises, and I got a little teary-eyed thinking that would be me and T in a few months.  We are having our engagement pictures taken there in a few weeks, and I’m sure it will be even more stunning with more flowers blooming.

That night, I dragged T away from March Madness to go to my parents house.  He wasn’t too pleased, but I wanted to color Easter eggs with my sister (I’m 25, she 22…we’re big kids at heart).  We tried to get creative, but it didn’t turn out quite like we expected.  Damn you Martha Stewart for making crafts look so easy! 

Easter morning we have a funny family tradition.  My parents hide Easter baskets for us, T included, and we hunt for them all around the house.  Apparently my sister, S, is amazing at this.  She found all 3 baskets in 10 minutes, while T and I kept missing ours.  I “found” both of our baskets, meaning I opened the dryer and shelf doors where they were hidden at but never saw them.  D’oh!  After some re-examining, we finally found them and enjoyed our chocolaty goodies.  

For Easter dinner we had fondue and gathered on the porch to enjoy some cheesey goodness along with pork, chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, zucchini and red peppers that we cooked in oil.  It was a lot of fun.  Dinner probably lasted a few hours, and we were all having a great time.  We seriously need to make fondue more often. 

Today, I woke up to freezing temperatures (literally, people).  While I was at work, I got a text from T saying it was snowing.  I thought he was crazy, until I looked outside.  It flurried for about 15 minutes, and I was completely shocked.  It was 75 on Saturday!  I was in flip flops, people were laying out, in bikinis…now flurries.  I think the world is ending!

I also was able to get in touch with our favorite Greek restaurant for our rehearsal dinner.  They can book a private party on a Saturday night, so we are set!  I am super excited about this.  The food is amazing, and there are belly dancers that dance and get everyone in a crazy mood.  It’s going to be so much fun.

5 more months, to the day, till the wedding.  Squeee!        

Our boss told us that we could leave early today, and we were so excited.  This morning she said between noon and 1 p.m.  We couldn’t wait.  

Noon rolled around, and she had to leave for her trainer appointment.  She asked us to wait till she got back to leave. 

We stayed and finished up all of our work.  And waited…and waited…and waited.  A little before 2 she came back.  I reviewed some stuff with her.  Sent out a few last e-mails.  I thought we were about to leave when the phone rang.

It was one of our clients.  Who is in his car and has all the time in the world to talk.  So far, they’ve been talking for about 40 minutes.  We are all stranded, waiting for them to get off the phone.  His phone has even cut out twice, but he’s called right back.  Why can’t that shit lose service for good!?!?!  The most annoying thing about this whole situation is….that they are scheduled to have a phone conference on Monday afternoon.  So why are you talking?!?!  SHUT UP!!!!!!!

This is totally cutting into my lovely afternoon that I was planning:

Straighten up the house

Paint my toe nails

Sit on the porch in the sun and read a book

Get ready to go to Sweetwater brewery with friends this evening

Oh my god!  I think the conversation is finally wrapping up.  Woo-hoo!  I’m outtie!  🙂

Happy Easter all of you!     

Now that it’s officially spring, my attention span has sprung outside.  All day long I caught myself staring out the window at the bright blue, sunny sky.  It looks amazing out there, even though it’s a bit windy and cooler today.  Even though this time of year means that my eyes will be itching like crazy, I love it. 

Georgia in the spring is beautiful, minus the yellow coating on everything outside.  All of the dogwood trees start blooming, doting the landscape with their crisp whites and bright pinks.  Flowerbeds become alive in blazing shades of color.  Brown winter limbs are replaced with vibrant greens.  The temperature is pleasant and refreshing.  The humidity has yet to hit 100 percent.  There is no smog or no smog warnings. 

You can start walking around in bare feet or lay in the grass on a lazy Saturday afternoon.  I can leave my doors and windows open, letting fresh air fill the house, and the cats out…and in…and out…as many times as they want.

Grilling dinner isn’t so much a chore as an excuse to sit around on the porch enjoying the smells of food wafting through the air.  Days get longer, meaning I don’t leave work in the dark anymore.  Spring means evenings and nights on porches without having to bundle up and shiver.   

Spring also means that our engagement pictures are right around the corner.  We will be in beautiful Piedmont Park, surrounded by all of nature’s colorful gifts. 

Spring also means that in 5 months I will be a married woman.  

Happy first day of spring.  I hope you all get to go outside and enjoy it! 🙂


Woo hoo, I survived the doctor.  Even though he really got on my nerves.  He was nice, but then started going off on me about smoking.  I was like, simmer down dude.  I know it’s bad for me, and I don’t know why I do it, but back the fuck off.  I’m working on quitting.  I really don’t smoke that much during the week.  I can go days without doing it.  But as soon as I have a drink (or 5) in my hand, I’m a chimney. 

Anyway, tonight T, my parents and I are going to the tasting for our wedding caterer.  The place we are having the ceremony/reception at provides the food and beer and wine.  I am so excited to finally try the food.  Every time I’ve been there, I could smell it being prepared for another event, and it smelled amazing! 

We are getting married on a Sunday, so we are getting an awesome packaged deal for not a lot of money (read:  under $10,000 for food, alcohol, reception/ceremony venues, tables, chairs, wedding coordinator, wait staff, security, parking and cake services).  My parents can afford to give me thousands for a wedding, but they feel it’s stupid to drop $30,000 for one day.  I completely agree, and that’s why I’m doing it on Sunday instead of Saturday.  Even though I’d go all out if I had tons of spare cash to throw around. 🙂

Since we have the all inclusive package, we have two menu options to choose from:

Option A
Canapés-tray passed
  Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes
  Feta & Spinach Spanakopita
  Stuffed Chicken Breasts
  Hickory Roasted Salmon
  Sweet & Sour Meatballs
  Baked Artichoke Pate
  Potato Gratin
  Asparagus Tips
  Assorted Breads & Rolls

Option B
Canapés-tray passed
  Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes
  Mini Beef Wellington
  Roast Pork Tenderloin
  French Lemon Chicken
  Marinated Shrimp
  Baked Artichoke Pate
  Herbed Rice Pilaf
  Crudités with Herb Dip
  Assorted Breads & Rolls

I’m really excited about the spanakopita and crab cakes because I heart them!  For the buffet, I am torn.  I like a mix of both menus.  I’ve heard that if I’m not a bridezilla, the owner will be more flexible and let me mix it up.  Hopefully she likes me (haha, who doesn’t – I’m joking).  What I’d love would be:  stuffed chicken breasts, roast pork tenderloin, marinated shrimp, artichoke pate, herbed rice pilaf, asparagus tips, and the rolls.  Hopefully she’ll let me mix it up a little. 

I’m also hoping there will be a cake vendor there tonight.  On the day of my first visit, they were hosting a tasting, and there was one there.  She had a cupcake cake, which I thought was a pretty cool idea.  T really wants to do one, but I am still torn.  I like how fun a cupcake is, but I also like how cool traditional cakes look.  Oh…so many decisions, so little time!  🙂     

By the way, I made shepherd’s pie for the first time the other night, and it was amazing!  I thought it would be a fun St. Patty’s dinner (even though it’s British, d’oh).  I found a recipe from everyone’s favorite Rach(I hear that’s what she’s calling herself now) and doctored it up a bit.  I added carrots and celery to the meat and used a mix of colby and cheddar for the cheese.  Let me tell you.  It was damn good!  T said he could eat it for days and never get tired of it.  Even though it was so tasty, it definitely took me about an hour to make.  No 30 minute meal here.  In fact, every 30 minute meal I’ve ever made has taken me about an hour, even with help.  I think someone’s telling us a lie… 

Tomorrow I get to go to the gyno for my yearly check up, oh joy.  I don’t mind going to the doctor, but there is something so awkward about having some random person poking and prodding your vajayjay.  I made my appointment about a month and a half ago, and this afternoon I get a call from the office.  I’m thinking it’s a friendly reminder about my appointment tomorrow.  No.  It’s the office calling to tell me that my regular doctor is out of town.  A.  Couldn’t someone have let me know that he wasn’t going to be in the office that day when I made the appoinment?  B.  Shouldn’t they call me a little sooner that 15 hours before my appointment? 

My regular doctor is a guy.  When I was younger, I refused to see anyone but a female.  But then college came around, and she was far away.  So I stopped caring so much.  It’s not a big deal to have to see another doctor (I’m assuming it’s also a guy), but I still feel more comfortable seeing the person who I have been going to for the past 2 years.

Guys seriously have no clue what it’s like to have to go for a yearly check up.  T hasn’t been to the doctor in about 2+ years.  And even when they do go, it’s a lot less invasive.  Weight, blood pressure, turn your head and cough.  We on the other had get poked and prodded, asked about our sexual experiences and partners, and have to deal with the speculum.  Ick.  No matter how old I get, that will still creep me out.  Maybe it’ll change once I have kids and an entire room of doctors and nurses have been down there, but who knows.

I also don’t want to go because the doctor’s scales always make me feel like a weigh 10 more pounds than I really do.  I know that I’ve put on some weight, but I feel those scales are so inaccurate.  With shoes, jeans and a sweater, I know I’m gonna weigh more than I think.  Boo.

In happier news, JD and I have decided that we are going to try to live a healthier lifestyle.  Today after work, we met up and walked around the neighborhood for about 45 minutes.  We probably put in at least a couple of miles since we walked out the back of my neighborhood, down some side streets and all the way through the front of my neighborhood back to the house.  The last stretch was killer since it’s all up hill.  My thighs and butt were feeling the burn!  But it felt good.  It was really nice out, and we got to see some of the big fancy houses that are all along the outside of my neighborhood.  We decided walk every Tuesday and Wednesday after work as well as one day on the weekend.  Then I can maybe even try to make it to the gym on some of the remaining days.  I need to get my ass in gear if I want to look hot for the wedding!  

I know it’s been a minute since I last posted, but I was really swamped with work at the end of the last week.  It got a little crazy!

One of my co-worker’s (JJ) last day was Friday, so after work we went out to celebrate.  We went to one of her favorite restaurants with a mix of our friends.  Right after we got seated, the weather went to shit.  It started pouring so hard you couldn’t see the cars parked out front, and it was thundering and lightning like crazy.  The power was even flickering at one point.  Of course we were somewhat oblivious to the tornado that was tearing through the city at that exact same moment.  We finally figured out something was going down when the SEC championship basketball games got stopped.  We saw the ticker tape say that the Georgia Dome had suffered some minor wind damage (wind damage?  That tornado got the winds up to 130 miles per hour and jacked up downtown).  And almost as quickly as it started, it stopped.  The clouds cleared up some, along with the rain and wind.  We headed over to the Irish bar in honor of St. Patty’s weekend, and then I noticed all of the missed calls from my parents and sister.  So I call back and my dad was slightly concerned that I might have blown away in the tornado.  I let him know that the loud music kept me from hearing my phone, and that where we were we just got a little water and lighting.  We had planned to have an early night, but round two of the storms kept us out till about 2 a.m. since we didn’t want to get drenched leaving, then we headed back to my house for some more St. Patty’s fun.

On Saturday we had planned to get up early for “kegs and eggs” at our local Irish hangout, but we didn’t make it there till around noon.  We had to cram around the bar since Saturdays are reserved for rugby matches, but we found a spot and squeezed in.  The whole reason we went there so early is to have the Irish breakfast (they serve it all day, but we knew it would get crazy in there that night) and Guinness.  If you’ve never had Irish breakfast, you are missing out.  It’s a huge plate of sunny side up eggs, bangers (Irish sausage), rashers (Irish bacon that looks like ham), black and white pudding (you may not want to read what it is since it may ruin it for you), tomatoes, fresh bread, and sauteed mushrooms, and it is awesome!  Last year it came with beans, but I think they replaced them with the mushies.  Some people are freaked out by it, but I’m German and we eat stuff like that quite often.


It’s a small pic and half eaten, but I wanted you to experience its greatness.

Later that night we came back for the festivities.  We got there around 8 because we knew it would get crowded.  Well, by that time it was already packed.  We had to wait in line to get in, but for only about 10 minutes.  The door guy remembered us from earlier in the day so we didn’t have to pay the $10 cover – woo hoo.  Inside it was a cluster fuck, and it took forever to get a drink.  Needless to say, we headed some place else after an hour because we knew the rest of the group wouldn’t make it in later.  We ended up a a little British dive bar, but we had a lot of fun.  There was a St. Patty’s festival across the street, so we stayed on the patio and watched the bands for free.  We met up with old friends and lots of crazy late night singing to 80s music was done.  It was awesome!

Sunday, not so much.  I didn’t really sleep well after we got home from our St. Patty’s Saturday festivities.  Little Fado (the black demon of annoying) kept meowing all morning and waking us up.  I wanted to chunk him out the window.  I finally went downstairs at 9 and let him out, but then our friend Jay let him back in to resume meowing.  T also had to work all day.  I was having some serious issues with my taxes.  I’ve never done them alone before, so every 20 minutes I was calling my dad or T to help me.  But I finally got them finished.  I e-filed so I should be getting my $1,300 refund soon.  Woo hoo wedding fund.  I’m gonna pump you up!  And with that $600 the government is giving us as well, T and I should be sitting pretty in a few months in wedding fund land.   

Last night was not so great either.  I was cranky and PMSing like a maniac.  T and I had planned to get $1 fish tacos from our favorite neighborhood hangout.  But he was taking forever to finish up his work, so we didn’t leave the house till about 8:45, and we had to get my car which was still in Buckhead from Saturday night.  On our way, he tells me that he’s having second thoughts about going, and I get so pissed.  Stupid hormones.  He suggested that we just get something to bring home.  I started getting even more pissy, and he said never mind.  We pulled into the parking lot, and I told him I wasn’t feeling this and wanted to leave.  So we did.  By this time it was after 9, we still hadn’t eaten and all the food at home was going to take a while to cook.  Then I cried like a baby because I felt like T didn’t want to hang out with me, when in reality he did.  He just wanted to do whatever was faster so he could finish up his work.  Me and my irrational self missed that part.  Eventually he calmed me down and all was well again.  I hate PMSing!

Now it’s actually St. Patty’s, and really want some corned beef and cabbage.  Maybe we’ll have to hit up the Irish place for dinner….    


Now that I have a little more time, I can finally tell all of you about our meeting with the wedding DJ.

Monday after work I headed to DJ-land HQ to meet with a guy who was recommended by my venue.  Let me be honest with you.  When I first started looking for DJs, I was kind of leery.  I didn’t want one of those older Southern, religious guys (I got quite a few e-mails from them that ended with “have a blessed day,” and I hate that) since that is completely opposite of how T and I are.  But I wasn’t too worried about this guy though.  I got a good vibe from him when I spoke with him on the phone.  His name is Lou.  He is from Long Island (oh yeah!).  He is cool. as. shit!

He’s probably in his mid-to-late thirties or early forties and has been DJing for years.  He’s got a little bit of a NY accent that sticks out on certain words, and he’s a lot of fun.  Plus I think T’s NY family, my NH family, and all of our friends will love him too. 

He wants to work with T and me to make sure that our music for the ceremony and the reception is awesome and unforgettable.  T and I have decided that we don’t want our wedding to be the great sobfest of 2008.  I don’t want a lot of smarmy, tear-jerking music.  Lots of tears = ruined makeup and red eyes for all the chicas.  Most of all, we want our wedding to be a fun party that we share with our family and friends where everyone has so much fun they talk about it months later.

We’ve already started picking out some of the songs we are thinking about (I hope I remember them all):

Cake cutting:  I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow (think Marie Antoinette where they are chowing down on all that cake)

Our entrance:  Song #2 by Blur (the woo-hoo song) or I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness

First dance:  World on a String by Frank Sinatra   

Dad/daughter dance:  My Girl by the Temptations is my number one right now, however that could change

Mom/son dance:  Forever Young by Rod Stewart (his mom loves her some Rod Stewart)   

Bridal party entrance:  We want each couple to pick a different song

We talked about a few more, but didn’t set anything in stone.  Plus I can’t remember them at the moment. 

Anyone got any suggestions for ceremony music?  Ave Maria is so beautiful, but I think it’ll make everyone bawl – including me.  But I do want something classic for the ceremony.  The craziness is reserved for the reception!  🙂 

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