The other night I spent a lot of time looking at the invites that I plan on buying for the wedding (I almost went ahead and ordered them but then I realized we haven’t set a time for the ceremony and reception yet – duh).  Then I began to wonder, “Am I being too plain?”  Should my invitations have more flair and scream something to guests when they are opened?  I want my invitations to be memorable, but at the same time I can’t imagine spending a ton of money on paper.  I’d rather the extra money go to extending the reception or being able to provide more things for the guests.  Here is the one I was originally planning on getting.  It’s simple but I really liked the sample of it I got in the mail.  I’d get it in black and white.   



I also started browsing a different site last night and saw these, which are really cool but are a lot more expensive.  They do give you a lot more design freedom though, which is nice.  I’d probably have them done similar to this, with claret instead of fuscia.



What are your thoughts?  Should I spend $200 or more to design fancier invites?  Or do I stick with the ones I can get for around $100?

Mailing Save the Dates

I plan on assembling my STDs and mailing them out while I recover from my wisdom teeth surgery (oh fucking joy).  I wanted to get mailing labels to put on the envelopes.  Then I struggled with getting both mine and T’s name on them with the same last name.  Is it weird to do that before we are married?  Should I get them with each of our last names?  I know I should probably just hand write our address somewhere on them, but that’s so much extra work (plus I’m not too fond of my hand writing since it’s not always super neat).  What have you done/would you do?  


I’m having a hard time deciding on what type of wedding ring to get.  I like the look of bands with the diamonds in them, but I start to worry about the practicality of them.  Once I’m married, I want to wear my ring 24-7.  I don’t want to feel like I constantly need to take it off.  With a diamond studded band, I feel like I’d end up taking it off more often than I would with a more plain one because I’d be afraid of ruining it somehow.  My engagement ring is a round solitaire on a simple platinum band. 


I really like this one for a wedding band because it has some bling, but isn’t out of control.  What do you think?  Got any suggestions?  Is the band too thick for the engagement ring?    



I really appreciate your input on my issues.  Yay!  🙂