Today is the day that Hallmark, florists and chocolate makers wait for all year.  The day that has become all about spending insane amounts of money to give your someone special some kind of trinket.  Insane amounts of money will be spent at nice restaurants for the perfect romantic dinner.  But most of all, it should be the day where we remember why we love someone so much. 

After eight years, this will be T’s and my last Valentine’s Day as unmarried people.  It is also our first and last V-day as an engaged couple.  It’s so funny to me to think that next year we will be a real family, with the same last name.  It still amazes me to think about it it, but I can’t wait.

Last night I came home from JD’s house (I got roped into watching American Idol with her) and T had set up my Valentine’s Day present.  He got me beautiful roses in a red vase (that the cat knocked over as soon as he set them up), a box of chocolates and a card.  I really love getting cards.  He always writes sweet little notes in them that make me tear up.  Even though we could only interact for a few minutes before he had to go back to studying, it was really sweet.  He was trying to get as much done last night as possible so we can have the whole night together today.  🙂

After eight years, and all the ups and downs, here are some of the things that make me love T more and more:

He used to write me poems when we first started dating

He gets me flowers just because

He tucks me in at night when he still has to stay up and study

He can cook and cooks for me when he has time

He looks really hot when he’s all disheveled and wearing his glasses

He’s helping me with wedding planning

He’ll watch Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy with me (and likes it)

He’s so sweet and cuddly with our cats

He gives great massages

He lets me point the fan more towards me when it’s hot in the bedroom 

He gets along with all of my girl friends (and plays surrogate boyfriend to them)

He asked me to marry him and will be mine forever!


Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!  I hope it’s filled with fun and lots of love!