The following things put a happy grin on my face:

Going to the gym after work last night, all by myself.

Getting a call from the waiter at my favorite bar telling me it’s opening back up tonight.

Going to my favorite bar for dinner and drinks with JD since it’s Tuesday, and it’s finally open!  

Getting free Chick-fil-a at work since we have clients coming to the office (if you have never eaten there, you need to find one, STAT).

Romantic Valentine’s dinner with T at a restaurant we’ve never been to but have heard great things about.

Hanging out with a bunch of friends for the drunken street party known as Oysterfest this Saturday (food + friends + booze = a hell of a lot of fun).

70 degree temperatures in February! (sorry all you frozen Northerners)

Finally cleaning up my messy room and getting rid of two stretchy garbage bags of clothes and shoes I never wear.  


The following things put a frown on my face and make me want to punch something:

Having a slow as crap work computer that keeps freezing up (it should not take 40 minutes for it to start back up and load the programs I need to use).

Having a completely technologically challenged co-worker (printing things should really not be so complicated).

Being too tired to get up for the gym this morning (I need to go to bed before 11:30 p.m.).

Having to harass people to return my e-mails (if you just wrote me back, I wouldn’t have to call you all of the time).

The chance that it might rain this Saturday making Oysterfest a soggy mess.

Not having tons of money to do whatever I want with (go to Greece for an awesome honeymoon).

Bad drivers who stay in the left lane when they should not be there.

That my work day is not over yet.


What makes you smile or frown?