Last night my little sister (S) came and stayed with me because she had her first real job interview this morning in Atlanta (I live right down the street from the company).  In less than 4 months, my little S will no longer be a college student.  She will dive head-first into the world of working a 9-5 (or more depending on her career choice), and this makes me feel old.  In my eyes, no matter what age she is, she is always “Little S.”  

Now she is 22 and about to leave college.  She has grown from a shy child into a well-spoken, smart and attractive young lady, and I am so proud of her.  She seems to have an idea of what she is wanting for her future, and she is being very proactive in finding her career.  She is attending career fairs and info nights, writing the perfect resumes and cover letters, and having the family drill her with potential interview questions so she will be ready. 

I am really excited for her to graduate and move to Atlanta so we can spend more time together – she’s only 1.5 hours away now, but we don’t see each other so often since we both have busy schedules.  Part of me knows that she might not move here after graduation.  She has the language ability to live and work abroad, and I’m sure she wouldn’t pass up that opportunity.  One of the companies she is interested in has a training program where she can move all around the US during her first year.  They also have a global program where she can train all around Europe.  I know it would be an amazing opportunity for her, but I am selfish.  I don’t want my little sister living far away.  We are very close and get along really well, and I want to continue to be able to spend as much time with her as possible.  

At the same time that I am ecstatic for her to finish school, I am sad.  She goes to my alma mater, which means I always have a place to stay when I go back to visit.  Her graduating means that will no longer be the case.  The condo we have both lived in during our college years will probably get sold and new students will move in and build memories and friendships there that will last a lifetime. 

It also means that I will have been out of college for 3 years, and that I am in the fast lane to adulthood.  Marriage is no longer something I imagine happening someday, it’s right around the corner.  Starting a family could happen within the next 5 years.  Owning a real house with a yard will be a goal for T and I to aim for. 

No matter how much we change or where we end up, Little S will always be my best friend.  And even though she is an adult now, I will still fondly picture her as the lanky, middle school-aged tomboy running around in the front yard with her Braves hat planted firmly on her head, trying to get me to play softball with her.