My weekend did not turn out at all as I had planned it to.  Instead of fighting a cold, I think I have a sinus infection (yippee).  Friday night and Saturday were spent laying on the couch moaning and groaning in agony over my pounding head and stuffed up nose (the Zicam did unstuff it some, not sure it’s making it go away faster though).  Needless to say, all of my weekend plans got changed.

Friday night, T came home, and things started off bad.  I had just settled myself onto the couch when I heard T fumbling with the door (it can be a huge pain to get it open sometimes).  I yelled that only the top lock was locked, then I heard more fumbling and grumbling.  So I dragged myself off the couch to open the door.  As I swung the door open, I bitchily blurted out “Why the hell can’t you open the door?”  And that’s when I saw the flowers he gotten me to make me feel better (I know, I suck for being cranky when I’m sick).  As soon as I realized he’d gotten me flowers, I felt terrible.  I was just about to apologize to him for being a bitch, when he chucked the flowers at me saying something like “here are some fucking flowers for you.”  This made me so upset (I don’t know why, I’m not usually that sensitive).  I finally calmed down and we apologized for the miscommunication.  Then we tried to decide on something to do for dinner.  I get so cranky when I’m really hungry (by now it was around 7:30 and I’d eaten lunch at 1:00) and don’t feel good, so our dinner discussion turned into a huge fight because T wanted to study first and didn’t seem keen on going out for dinner.  I wanted to eat then and couldn’t be bothered with cooking.  I ended up crying like a maniac because he wasn’t babying me like I wanted him too, and he was pissed because he wasn’t studying.  Needless to say, we finally calmed down and watched some TV, then went to bed at midnight because we were both physically and emotionally drained (what a great way to end a crappy day).   

Saturday we woke up fairly early for us, and I thought I was feeling a little better (WRONG).  We went downstairs and made breakfast, and afterwards I was set to clean up our disaster area of a bedroom while T studied.  Well, all of a sudden I started to feel so shitty.  My head was pounding, and I was achy.  I stumbled quietly to the couch and stayed there all day.  We ended up not going to party in our old collge town since I was afraid we’d get all the way up there, and I’d feel bad and have to stay at my sister’s house all alone while everyone else was out having fun.  We bailed on our friends, but decided that I could manage to go out for our date night.  I felt surprisingly amazing after I showered and re-medicated myself (guess we could have gone after all).  We wanted to go to our favorite Greek place, but they were booked up until past 10.  So we tried a new place called Ibiza, (a Spanish tapas place) and it was really good!  We had a great dinner and lots of wine and got to see a flamenco dancer.  Afterwards, poor T was dying to get out of the house since he’d put in a 70+ hour week with work and studying, so we met up with JD.  We kept it chill and had a few drinks at a low-key tavern.  In between my wine and cider and cold meds, I was feeling pretty good.  We ended the night at her house, where I proceeded to pass out on the couch after my last dose of  non-drowsy meds.

Sunday was filled with much vegging and medicine and our friends’ Super Bowl party.  It was a lot of fun!  They had a ton of delicious food and drinks (they seriously could have fed an army), and a gigantic projector screen in their basement for the game.  The game itself was boring until the last 2 minutes, but then again I’m not a huge football fan.  The few commercials I saw (I always get distracted trying to watch sports with a lot of people) were hilarious.  I loved the Doritos one with the mouse, the Pepsi one with Justin Timberlake, and the Career Builder one with the heart that quit the job.  Those are about all I remember.

Today I woke up with a nose that’s not quite as stuffy as it was over the weekend.  But, I’ve been feeling a little dizzy and queasy all day long.  I’m hoping this shit isn’t moving into my ears and giving me an ear infection (the poor guys feel sort of clogged, and I feel deaf).  I can’t wait till I get home and make some awesome fajitas and watch American Gladiators.  Oh Yeah!!