I am in a bad mood today.  My February is not starting off with a bang.  I had my entire weekend of fun planned out, and I was completely looking forward to it.  Now I’m not so sure if it’s going to turn out like I hoped.

 Towards the end of the day yesterday my nose started itching, and I was sneezey.  By the time I got home, I started to feel really tired and chilled (and I don’t think it was that cold outside).  I dragged myself into the kitchen to warm up some leftovers and ate.  It was downhill from there.  I got stuffed up and achy, and T didn’t get home till 9:30.  I hung out with him for a minute, then took some nighttime Contact in the hopes it would knock me out (but after they removed the pseudoephedrine it doesn’t work as well – thanks fucking meth makers, thanks).  

Today I woke up from both mine and T’s alarms going off (it’s so annoying because he insists on setting his cell alarm, then he never hears it and I have to wake him up).  After a vicious 20-minute snooze cycle, I had to remind him to get up and jump in the shower since we have to share a bathroom because his is leaking.  He got in at 7:55 (which meant I was going to be late since I wouldn’t get in till a little after 8).  After my shower I tried to rush through my morning routine, but was a little sluggish since I was feeling crappy.

I finally got to work at 9:10 (I’m supposed to be here at  9 but can’t seem to do it) and was bombarded by things I need to do today that I thought I had till next week to finish.  Every month I compile our monthly PR reports.  Since today is the first, I planned on starting them this afternoon and finishing them up next week.  Of course that isn’t going to happen since my boss is going out of town on Monday and wants to see them today (that could have been brought to my attention yesterday – name that movie).  I’m going to have to bust ass on them and try to get as much of them finished as possible.  And to top it all off, my co-worker is having some serious printing problems, and she’s printing to the printer on my desk.  I’ve had to stop what I’m doing (writing this blog, working on real work) 10 times to help her.  Poor thing.  Some people are not great with technology!  

Now, I’ve eaten some lunch and sprayed some Zicam gel up my nose to chase this cold away (it was kind of icky having gel oozing out – sorry for the dirty Ds).  Hopefully I will start to feel better soon because T and I were going to have a date night tonight, and I would love not to be a snot-face for that.  Plus I’m supposed to go up to my old college town for a night of cheap drinking and Japanese-style karaoke (you rent a room and sing in front of your friends and no strangers, which is awesome when you can’t sing) on Saturday and hit up a fun Super Bowl party on Sunday (go Giants!), even though I’m not a big NFL fan.  

Keep your fingers crossed that this Zicam shit really works!  Happy weekend to you all!

 Hey Lurkey McLurkersons, stop by and say hi.  I promise I won’t bite or sneeze on you!  🙂