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Last night was a bit nerve-wracking for me since I couldn’t stop thinking about my wisdom teeth removal that was scheduled at 7:15 a.m. this morning.  I was good and ate a light dinner.  I also drank a ton of water so I’d be hydrated for today – which lead to a couple of late-night bathroom trips.  I felt like Tom Hanks from A League of Their Own.

My sleep was a bit restless since I was counting down the hours till the big extraction.  First it took me a while to fall asleep.  Then I had multiple teeth-removal related dreams.  One of my dreams was that I kept accidentally eating and drinking before the surgery.  Then I’d get to the dentist’s office, and they wouldn’t do the surgery because you can’t eat before you get anesthesia.  Another dream was that I’d already had the surgery, and I woke up in the chair completely swollen and bleeding.  Needless to say, when I finally woke up this morning I was really nervous.

My mom and I rolled into the dentist’s office at 7:15, and I was pretty freaked out.  I had to review all of these waivers and post-op papers before I could go into the procedure room.  I finally went back and was chatting with the nurse about my strange dreams.  She laughed at me for dreaming about eating – what can I say, I love food!  My fears eased a little when I found out that the one lower tooth I had was not on the same side as the upper one that had started to grow in already.  I know that the lower teeth are the ones that hurt the most, and I figured the one that was already in would hurt a lot less to remove than the other two that were impacted.  Then my hand got sprayed with some cooling spray so the IV would hurt less going in.  Before I knew it, I was drifting off to sleepy-land while the nurse was talking about what she had for dinner last night.

If you knew me in real life, you would know that I love to talk and do it a lot.  Supposedly during the surgery, I kept everyone entertained with my discussions on food and eating.  All of a sudden I woke up, looked at them and asked “Have you started the surgery yet?”  They laughed at me since it was finished and I was all gauzed up and practically ready to go home.  It really didn’t take long at all (maybe an hour) and wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be.

I spent the day laying around on the couch, eating smoothies, soup, mashed potatoes and drinking tons of water.  The first few hours were a little rough since I was still bleeding a little.  But I never got sick from the anesthesia or the codeine pills, which made me happy.  My mom and I had a fun lazy day with naps and movies.  We watched Notes on a Scandal, The Wicker Man, and The Last King of Scotland.  Notes on a Scandal and The Last King of Scotland were really good, and I recommend them!  The Wicker Man wasn’t bad, but it was a little weird (but it had some good suspenseful moments).

By dinner time, I was tired of my noodle soup and mashed potato diet, so we ordered some Chinese food.  The left side of my mouth barely hurts, and I can chew over there a little.  The right side is a little jacked up, swollen and sore, especially on the bottom.  But I stuck to easy foods like some egg drop and hot and sour soups, some scallops, chicken pieces and lo mein noodles.  It took me about an hour to eat (I swear I’ve never eaten such a small amount of food in such a long amount of time) but it was so worth having solid foods. 

Now T and I are gonna veg on the couch together and watch Transformers, and maybe I’ll even convince him to take me to get some ice cream! 🙂 

Happy weekend everyone!

When I went back to re-read this post, I had a lot of typos.  I think my meds are messing with me more than I thought, haha.    


Thank you to all of you who provided feedback on yesterday’s wedding post.  I really do appreciate your input!

I’m feeling a little frazzled today because I have so much to do and feel like the time is flying by (I probably shouldn’t be posting, but I need a mini-break from the stress).  I am trying to write a destination wedding article on one of my clients, wrap up any loose ends for the week, and begin the monthly PR reports since I will be out of the office tomorrow because I’m finally having my wisdom teeth surgery.  I am really not looking forward to it.  I know it won’t be that bad, but I am being a total baby right now because I do not want to lose the function of my mouth for the next few days.    

T is currently sitting for the second section of the CPA as I am writing this.  He will have 4 hours to answer 90 questions and do 2 accounting simulations (whatever that means).  He is convinced that he is not ready for this and will fail since he hasn’t gotten to study as much as he wanted to.  I, on the other hand, have extreme faith in him and believe he will do amazingly well.  After he took the first section, he was convinced he failed.  He passed with flying colors with a 94.  Silly boys.

I’ve really slacked on going to the gym this week.  I haven’t made it once.  😦  My knee has been bothering me off and on for the past few weeks, and this week it was worse than ever before.  I think it’s caused by sitting at my desk all day.  I have really long legs, and I feel like my desk is too short for me.  I also can’t sit comfortably when my feet are flat on the floor so I am constantly crossing my legs, which I think is contributing to the pain (I was just doing it and had to make myself uncross them).

I really suck at not eating out.  I am trying to be healthy and save money, but I keep going out for lunch.  It’s so stupid because I have 2 Lean Cuisines in the freezer at work, just waiting to be devoured. But do I eat them?  NO!  Why?  Because I suck at life sometimes! **she complains as she takes another bite of the super delicious, super unhealthy buffalo chicken pizza** 

I really hate when people act passive aggressively.  If you are pissed or annoyed at someone, stop trying to act like you aren’t and make semi-snide bitchy comments.  We know what you are doing, and it really bugs us. 

Yeah, that’s it.  I’m done.  Next time I write, I will be a doped up, chipmunk-cheeked Bing.  But that could make for a funny post! 


The other night I spent a lot of time looking at the invites that I plan on buying for the wedding (I almost went ahead and ordered them but then I realized we haven’t set a time for the ceremony and reception yet – duh).  Then I began to wonder, “Am I being too plain?”  Should my invitations have more flair and scream something to guests when they are opened?  I want my invitations to be memorable, but at the same time I can’t imagine spending a ton of money on paper.  I’d rather the extra money go to extending the reception or being able to provide more things for the guests.  Here is the one I was originally planning on getting.  It’s simple but I really liked the sample of it I got in the mail.  I’d get it in black and white.   



I also started browsing a different site last night and saw these, which are really cool but are a lot more expensive.  They do give you a lot more design freedom though, which is nice.  I’d probably have them done similar to this, with claret instead of fuscia.



What are your thoughts?  Should I spend $200 or more to design fancier invites?  Or do I stick with the ones I can get for around $100?

Mailing Save the Dates

I plan on assembling my STDs and mailing them out while I recover from my wisdom teeth surgery (oh fucking joy).  I wanted to get mailing labels to put on the envelopes.  Then I struggled with getting both mine and T’s name on them with the same last name.  Is it weird to do that before we are married?  Should I get them with each of our last names?  I know I should probably just hand write our address somewhere on them, but that’s so much extra work (plus I’m not too fond of my hand writing since it’s not always super neat).  What have you done/would you do?  


I’m having a hard time deciding on what type of wedding ring to get.  I like the look of bands with the diamonds in them, but I start to worry about the practicality of them.  Once I’m married, I want to wear my ring 24-7.  I don’t want to feel like I constantly need to take it off.  With a diamond studded band, I feel like I’d end up taking it off more often than I would with a more plain one because I’d be afraid of ruining it somehow.  My engagement ring is a round solitaire on a simple platinum band. 


I really like this one for a wedding band because it has some bling, but isn’t out of control.  What do you think?  Got any suggestions?  Is the band too thick for the engagement ring?    



I really appreciate your input on my issues.  Yay!  🙂

Sometimes I swear that I need a weekend to recover from my weekend (or I need to remember that I am not a rockstar so I shouldn’t try to act like one). 

Friday night I came home from work, made some dinner, and watched a little TV.  T is taking his second section of the CPA on Thursday, so he spent the entire weekend studying and wanted me out of the house (apparently I can be very distracting).  I ended up going to JD’s, and we decided we would stay in and save money.  We got a jug of Burgundy (high class, I know) and spent a little while researching potential places to go for a bachelorette party.  By 10:30, we were over researching and decided to head to the gas station to buy some ciggies and Mega Millions lottery tickets since the jackpot was $270 million.  On our way to the gas station, we saw that our little neighborhood bar was packed, so we decided to stop in for one drink (yeah right!).  While we were there, we began dreaming of all the glorious things we would buy with our $135 million (we were planning on splitting it 50-50).  Of course, we didn’t win.  And we ended up staying for 3 drinks before we went back to JD’s place.  A little before 1 a.m., we were sitting on her couch, downloading some of our favorite oldies and singing along with them at the top of our lungs (which I’m sure her neighbors loved).  I finally called T to come and pick me up.  He stopped by for a little while and laughed at JD’s and my terrible signing voices, and I eventually fell asleep leaving him to wake me up and take me home (I am terrible about falling asleep on couches and not getting back up.  I do it at home all of the time).  

A majority of Saturday was spent on the couch watching TV, staying away from T so I didn’t distract him.  I was a total vegetable for two reasons:  1. I was recovering from my crazy Friday night.  2. I had two parties to attend later that evening, and I needed to be rested up.

My first party of the day was at my friend LK’s place (we studied abroad in France together, and she is currently house-sitting a multi-million dollar mansion and gets to live there for free).  The party was one of those parties by Pure Romance.  They bring all of these crazy toys, lotions, books, etc. and sell you a bunch of kinky things.  Let me tell you, it was hilarious.  The host was so funny and outgoing.  Before she got started, she insisted on all of us having at least two drinks to loosen everyone up.  There were about 20 girls there and not everyone knew each other, which made it even more entertaining since some of the girls were more crazy and open-minded and some were more quiet and shy.  She passed around a ton of crazy toys and had us try all of these flavored lotions and sprayed us with pheromone sprays.  It was quite an interesting event.  I am totally thinking about having one with a bunch of my other girl friends because I think everyone would get a total kick out of it!  And who doesn’t love drinking a little and buying kinky products. 🙂      

After that, I headed out to a night club for my friend CGN’s birthday.  I pulled poor T away from his studying to play taxi for me and get me downtown.  I got there and found everyone at this huge round leather couch corner booth – which was awesome because most of the other tables were small with uncomfortable looking chairs.  The night was spent dancing, laughing and taking lots of crazy/stupid pictures that will eventually end up on Myspace and Facebook to help refresh the memories of the Drunky McDrunkersons of the group. 

We left around 2 a.m., and JD and I shared a cab back to our neck of the woods.  I convinced her to come over for one more drink – this was a bad choice.  I went from pretty buzzed to retarded.  T drove her home, and I spent the entire ride dying from the worst alcohol-induced hiccups ever.  Once we got back, T told me I spent two minutes trying to get out of the car.  I finally made it out and proceeded to stumble upstairs to our bedroom.  I ended up in the bathroom because I felt like I was going to hurl from all of the hiccuping I had been doing.  I spent the next 45 minutes whimpering into the toilet.  I finally “made some room” (as JD calls it) and managed to brush my teeth and wash my face, with a lot of help from T.  He even had to put face lotion on for me because I was so messed up.  He finally got me into my PJs, and I fell into bed and slept (until 3 p.m. on Sunday).  I guess I should’ve eaten a little more for dinner and definitely not mixed red wine and Bacardi and diet coke – oops. 

I finally recovered enough to go to JD’s house for dinner.  We made this cabbage and beef casserole (it reminded me of lasagna without pasta) because we wanted to test it out before we served it at our annual St. Patty’s Day chow-down fest.  It was pretty good, but definitely needed some tweaking to make it even better.  We ended up watching Marie Antoinette, which I had seen before but wanted to give another chance.  And I still wasn’t that impressed with it.  I feel like it could’ve been amazing but the story is really slow.  There is not a lot of dialogue, and a lot of time is spent on showing scenes for an unnecessarily long amount of time.  But it is really cool artistically.  The costumes and sets are amazing, and the soundtrack is pretty kick ass.  I think as long as you don’t set your expectations too high, you might enjoy it.     

All in all, it was a fun weekend but now I feel like I need some more time off to recover from it.  I’m getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday, so that means I will have a pretty tame (and pain-filled) weekend.  Hope your weekend was fun too!   


I am a mutt, a Heinz 57 if you will.  My dad is American and my mom is German.  I have family on both sides of the Atlantic.  I hold citizenships in the US and Germany (I guess I should finally get that passport).  If we had a large family reunion, my family wouldn’t be able to have a real conversation because the Germans speak no English and the Americans speak no German.  For a long time when I was younger, I struggled with my identity because I wasn’t 100 percent of any nationality.      

Until I was 7, I lived in various parts of Germany and went to pre-school there and had German friends, but I also went to American elementary school and had American friends.  I could blend into the culture.  My mom’s entire family is over there, and before I moved to the US, I could switch between German and English with no struggle what so ever.  Hell, I was my dad’s translator because at that time his German was not so great. 

When we finally moved to Georgia, I was embarrassed to be different.  I didn’t want to be the weird foreign girl with the funny name.  I wanted to be a Jessica, Amy or Kelly and blend into the group of American kids.  I tried as hard as I could to hide the German side of me (even though my name totally gave it away).  I stopped speaking in German.  My mom would ask me something in German, and I would answer in English.  I was in elementary school and I really didn’t want to stand out.       

Fast forward a few years to high school, and my feelings had totally changed.  I no longer wanted to blend into the crowd, instead I wanted to stand out.  I stopped caring about what other people thought of me and did my own thing.  My weird name became cool.  People knew who I was because I was the only one in a school of thousands.  People never had to use my last name to figure out who I was.  There were never 5 Bings in a class.  If I forgot my last name on my homework, the teacher could still give me a grade since he/she knew who I was.  It was awesome. 

Now as I think back to the time when I was an uncertain kid and pre-teen, I could kick myself for letting my German get away from me.  I still understand a lot and I can hold a decent conversation with people, but sometimes it is a struggle.  I forget the meanings of simple words or can’t think of how to say a certain phrase.  I can read and write it a little, but I need help from my mom or sister (S has been taking German since 8th grade and is majoring in it now) because I never took it in school.  My high school in Georgia didn’t offer it, so I took French (which I minored in but can’t speak that well because I was embarrassed that I would suck).  At times I find it hard to communicate with my German grandparents (Oma and Opa), and that makes me really sad.  I can’t tell them everything I want to because I can’t find the words to express myself.      

I am trying to better my German.  There is this girl I know who is working here, and she is from Germany.  We have started hanging out and I’m hoping my German will improve some once we start hanging out more. 

The moral of this post is:  Be proud of your heritage and never try to hide it.  I’m Heinz 57, and I’m glad!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Last night I was hanging out with JD and CGN.  We were having a few drinks and checking out the lunar eclipse (it was pretty cool) and having girl talk.  The usual topics of conversation came up:  guys, money, jobs, life, love, etc.  Then we started discussing CGN’s upcoming birthday festivities.  Eventually we transitioned to talking about her real birthday, which happened earlier in the week.  She was talking about how this birthday had hit her weirdly.  She was bracing herself for turning 29, one year away from 30.  She thought she would be worried about wrinkles and leaving her 20s, but in reality the loss of her father was what kept popping into her mind.  Her father passed away about 4 years ago from a heart attack in the middle of the night.  I don’t know a lot of the details because I’ve only known her for about 2 years and she doesn’t talk about it much, but I think he was working in his office upstairs one night while the rest of the family was downstairs.  He had a massive heart attack and passed away sometime during the night.  Her mom found him the next morning, and it was too late. 

CGN took up the role of being the family’s rock and handled the funeral arrangements because her mother and brother were so upset.  I think she bottled up a lot of her grief because she was trying to be strong for her mother and brother, and now it is finally hitting her.  She was really close to her father, and he didn’t have the chance to see at her wedding or will never meet his grandchildren.  As she was talking, I could feel myself tearing up at the thought of never being able to speak to my dad again.  He called me twice last night because he was excited about the eclipse, and he wanted to know if I could see it.  She will never have her dad call her about something random or just to chat again.

I can’t even imagine what it would be like to lose a parent at my age.  In some ways I still depend on them so much, and they are such an important part of me.  My mom is like one of my friends, and we talk all the time.  My dad and I butt heads sometimes, but he’s the one who’s next to me when anything goes wrong with my house or walking me through what to do on the phone. 

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have both parents be alive and healthy because I know there are many people who don’t.  I am also lucky to have parents that are still together (it will be 29 years in May) since divorce has become so rampant in our society today.  I am so fortunate to have both my parents around to help me with my wedding, to walk me down the isle, to celebrate important milestones with me, to listen to me complain about a million and one things, and to just be my parents when I need a shoulder to cry on. 

For those of you who have lost a parent, my heart goes out to you.  And next time my parents bug me about something, I will try to appreciate the fact that I have both parents to do that to me and not get mad at them since life is too short to be angry with people and hold grudges.  You never know what the future has in store for you.  One moment you could be the happiest person in the world and the next it could all be pulled out from under you. 

Mom and Dad –

I may not say this to you enough, but I want to thank you for all of the things you have given up for me and all the things you have done for me throughout my 25 years.  You are the best parents a girl could ever ask for.  I love and appreciate you guys so much!     

As you all know, I’ve been trying really hard to get my workouts jump-started so that I look super skinny and wonderful for my wedding in August.  I’ve been doing so-so.  I’ve gone at least once a week since the end of January (I know it’s not much, but it’s better than nothing!).  This week I’ve been better.  I did some free weights and abs with my friend CMc while we watched Lipstick Jungle (I think I’m going to really enjoy this show) on Sunday.  I went to the gym with my co-worker JJ last night, and I am about to go tonight.  Hopefully this is the start of my love affair with the gym (yeah right, at least I’m going).

When I’m at the gym, I feel funny/awkward sometimes since I don’t always know how to use the machines.  I’m one of those nerds who has to read the descriptions and look at the pictures to figure out what to do.  When I go with other people, I tend to say or do a lot of stupid stuff (laughing burns some calories too).

Here’s a list of what you might see or hear from me when I’m at the gym:

Laughing hysterically at the guy on the bike next to me grunting with each pedal (it shouldn’t be that hard).

Getting busted looking at his bike to see how many calories he’s burning and saying I was trying to see the gym TV better.

Cracking up that some of the back machines have a seat belt to keep you from flying off.

 Finishing the last set of reps with a tired back and understanding that adding 50 more pounds could seriously require the seat belt to keep you from taking out the people in front of you as you sit back into the starting position.

Thinking it would be funny to hit people with my head when they walk by me doing reps on the back machine.

Laughing about how the stand up bikes make your ass feel likes it’s smushing out and looking GINORMOUS.

Complaining how some of the machines mash my boobs and it hurts.

Talking about what I want to make for dinner.

Wishing the gym TV was on The FoodNetwork (I used to watch it while I worked out at my apartment gym and it was amazing).


So, I’m off to the gym.  Today will be more tame since I’m going alone.  🙂





I’ve been a little busy with work so I haven’t been blogging as much as usual, plus I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a writing slump (at work and on here).  First of all, I am super jealous of all the lucky people who have today off (I am so not one of them…boo).

Anyway…This weekend I had 3 of my BMs together, so the topic of the bachelorette party came up.  Where to go and what to do?  And seriously, I don’t know.  And it’s driving me insane!!  T and his buddies have all been discussing Vegas since the day after we got engaged.  And I feel like us chicas are a bit clueless.  There are about 13 people that I want to invite (including my BMs) but I’m not sure how much they can afford.  I’d love to do Vegas too, but I feel like $800-S1,000 is a bit ridiculous for everyone to have to pay.  Granted we’d probably have two rooms that we’d split between everyone, but I don’t want to put anyone out or have them be left out.  I am also confused about the whole paying issue.  I would definitely buy my own plane ticket, but do I let the other people pay for the hotel room?  That’s how it’s worked at the other bachelorette parties I’ve been to (but they’ve also been in Atlanta and just for the night).  We also discussed going to Atlantic City so we could hit the beach and have a mini-Vegas atmosphere.  Plus I’d love to see all the Guidos with their blowout hairstyles on the shore…haha.  

Then my other option would be to have a laid back beach weekend somewhere nearby.  Maybe we could rent a beach house or condo and hang out by the ocean all day.  If it was in Florida or South Carolina or even on the Georgia coast, then we could drive and save some money.   

What is a reasonable amount to spend on a weekend bachelorette party trip (leaving Thursday and coming back on a Sunday)? 

If anyone’s been to Vegas, how much did you end up spending while you were there (I’ve heard things aren’t too expensive there because they want you to spend your money on gambling)?            

Anyone got any cool trip suggestions?  I’ve heard Miami is fun, but I’m not sure I want to do that (I know how expensive everything down there is). 

Blah, I hate Mondays….

Today is the day that Hallmark, florists and chocolate makers wait for all year.  The day that has become all about spending insane amounts of money to give your someone special some kind of trinket.  Insane amounts of money will be spent at nice restaurants for the perfect romantic dinner.  But most of all, it should be the day where we remember why we love someone so much. 

After eight years, this will be T’s and my last Valentine’s Day as unmarried people.  It is also our first and last V-day as an engaged couple.  It’s so funny to me to think that next year we will be a real family, with the same last name.  It still amazes me to think about it it, but I can’t wait.

Last night I came home from JD’s house (I got roped into watching American Idol with her) and T had set up my Valentine’s Day present.  He got me beautiful roses in a red vase (that the cat knocked over as soon as he set them up), a box of chocolates and a card.  I really love getting cards.  He always writes sweet little notes in them that make me tear up.  Even though we could only interact for a few minutes before he had to go back to studying, it was really sweet.  He was trying to get as much done last night as possible so we can have the whole night together today.  🙂

After eight years, and all the ups and downs, here are some of the things that make me love T more and more:

He used to write me poems when we first started dating

He gets me flowers just because

He tucks me in at night when he still has to stay up and study

He can cook and cooks for me when he has time

He looks really hot when he’s all disheveled and wearing his glasses

He’s helping me with wedding planning

He’ll watch Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy with me (and likes it)

He’s so sweet and cuddly with our cats

He gives great massages

He lets me point the fan more towards me when it’s hot in the bedroom 

He gets along with all of my girl friends (and plays surrogate boyfriend to them)

He asked me to marry him and will be mine forever!


Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!  I hope it’s filled with fun and lots of love!    

The following things put a happy grin on my face:

Going to the gym after work last night, all by myself.

Getting a call from the waiter at my favorite bar telling me it’s opening back up tonight.

Going to my favorite bar for dinner and drinks with JD since it’s Tuesday, and it’s finally open!  

Getting free Chick-fil-a at work since we have clients coming to the office (if you have never eaten there, you need to find one, STAT).

Romantic Valentine’s dinner with T at a restaurant we’ve never been to but have heard great things about.

Hanging out with a bunch of friends for the drunken street party known as Oysterfest this Saturday (food + friends + booze = a hell of a lot of fun).

70 degree temperatures in February! (sorry all you frozen Northerners)

Finally cleaning up my messy room and getting rid of two stretchy garbage bags of clothes and shoes I never wear.  


The following things put a frown on my face and make me want to punch something:

Having a slow as crap work computer that keeps freezing up (it should not take 40 minutes for it to start back up and load the programs I need to use).

Having a completely technologically challenged co-worker (printing things should really not be so complicated).

Being too tired to get up for the gym this morning (I need to go to bed before 11:30 p.m.).

Having to harass people to return my e-mails (if you just wrote me back, I wouldn’t have to call you all of the time).

The chance that it might rain this Saturday making Oysterfest a soggy mess.

Not having tons of money to do whatever I want with (go to Greece for an awesome honeymoon).

Bad drivers who stay in the left lane when they should not be there.

That my work day is not over yet.


What makes you smile or frown?


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