What a dramatic title, but I love that Blink 182 song “I Miss You” (oh, why did you go away and get so poppy?).  But it’s true.  I really do miss T.  We see each other everyday, but we hardly interact.  He comes home from work late and is exhausted from working a 12-hour day, then he either works some more or stays up to study.  This means I am banished to the living room or upstairs so I don’t distract him.  😦

It’s so hard to be around someone that you can’t interact with.  Right now he’s working about 10 minutes from my office, and I want us to go meet up for lunch since he doesn’t have time to hang out at night.  But he never can because he’s so busy.  He’s basically in charge of the audits of 2 separate clients (I’ll spare you the boring background), and he has to juggle the work of both of them.  And it sucks.  I feel like he’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown between studying and working.  The sad thing is, there’s nothing I can do to help him. 

I miss the days of us lounging around and watching TV or just snuggling.  Now, we never go to bed at the same time (I have to get around 8 hours to function the next day and he can work off 4) because he’s always working on something (there goes your sex life).  I get bored just hanging around the house, so I go out with friends.  Then I feel guilty for having fun while he’s going stir-crazy working.

It’s just sad that work takes up so much of our lives, keeping us from the people we love so dearly.  I wish America would adopt the European outlook on working and be more laid back.  Here I feel like all we (companies mainly) strive to do is work, work, work.  Few companies give a lot of time off because they feel this need to constantly earn money.  Newsflash:  The world doesn’t stop for giving us 1 more vacation day.  I just hate this feeling that I am forced to spend 40 hours of every week working like a maniac (poor T does so much more).  And for what?  To be able to live (ok) and one day retire and do all the things I couldn’t afford/didn’t have time for in my 20s.  Oh joy!

At least this job is better than my last.  One of these days I tell you all about that.  It was so crazy you’re going to think I’m making it up!  I wish!  I guess I better get back to the grind…