The weekend has come and gone (boo) and left in it’s wake a tired Bing.  It’s not that I did anything really crazy, but still I feel like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. 

Friday night I went to my parents’ house for dinner and drinks with some friends.  One of their neighbors is working with a girl from Germany that is going to be here for 18 months, and she doesn’t really know too many people since she’s only been here 3 weeks.  So I went down to meet her.  She was really nice, and I’m sure we’ll be hanging out again soon.  She wants to improve her English, and I’m hoping I can practice my German when we hang out (it’s always fun to be able to talk about people when they can’t understand you).

Saturday I finally made it to the salon – woot!  I’m now freshly colored and trimmed (only the bangs since I’m trying to grow it out for the wedding – did you know your hair only grows about half an inch a month?)  I wasn’t able to use my regular stylist since I re-scheduled because of the snowy weather the weekend before (I trust myself driving in the snow but not the ATL wackos who can’t even drive in rain) so his wife did my hair.  This actually worked well since I was able to discuss wedding hair and make-up with her.  Check.  Another thing off my wedding “to do” list.  I’m pretty proud of how much I’m accomplishing, and we’ve only been engaged for 3 months.

After I was newly coiffed, I went to JD’s house and we watched season 2 of Friends since T was CPAing it at home.  It’s so funny how different they all look in the early years (especially Rachel’s boobs – they were a lot smaller in the beginning).  Later on, we went to another friend’s birthday party at The Mansion (a few years ago my friend responded to an add on Craig’s List for a house-sitter and is still living there rent-free, lucky chica), then we hit up the bars.  We ended up going to this dive called Park Bench (I am really not too found of that place.  It’s really quite a shit hole, and it’s super fratty (Southern fratty is a lot different than Northern fratty).  I was annoyed, but it was her birthday.  While we were there, we ran into another group of friends I knew from high school and that was cool.  By the end of the night I’d had a fair share of Bacardi and diets, so I was feeling no pain. 

I think we made it home around 3:00.  T had the right idea and made a snack then went to sleep, while JD and I thought it would be a good idea to continue drinking.  We bundled up and headed outside for 3 more hours of drinking, smoking and gossiping.  All of a sudden we realized it was 6:00 – woops.  We were scheduled to meet up with the rest of the bridesmaids around 1:00 on Sunday to go buy the dresses.  Let me tell you, being hungover in a bridal store with a million crazy brides and BMs is not fun.  But we finally made it through the experience and got the dresses, yay!  They are claret (deep red, it looks really pink in this picture) and black. 🙂   


Check.  More things of my list.  I think I only have a few large things left to worry about – flowers, cake (we’re thinking about doing cupcakes), booking the DJ, deciding on a honeymoon locale, actually picking items for the registry, and getting a marriage license.  Yay for me for being so organized and on the ball!