Since T has been working until all hours of the night, I decided to hang out with my friend JD last night.  I met up with her after work, and we spent 20 minutes trying to think of something new to do.  Our favorite bar (that’s right between our neighborhoods) is closed for renovations so it makes it harder to meet for a random Wednesday night drink.  We finally decided on this sort of snazzy bar in Buckhead.  We got there, and it was dead.  We drank our beers and went across the street to this collegy-type place that was also dead.  JD asked me, where are all the people in their 20s-30s?  Do they not go out anymore?  Who the hell knows because they were no where to be found. 

In our boredom at the dead second bar, we came up with a brilliant idea (and let me tell you, we are full of them!).  We decided to start having Wednesday Night Bar Crawls.  Since we were only having a drink at each bar, it was perfect.  It would give us a chance to try out new places and JD a chance to meet some guys.  We finished our beers and headed to the third place, which was packed because of trivia.  We were having fun and broke our “only one drink per place rule” and stayed there for three.  Oops!! We ended up getting home much later than expected (11:30, we were shooting for 9:30) and poor JD was a little concerned because she had to be up at 6 today because she’s a teacher – eek!  I slept in till 8.   

Anyway, that was a bit of a tangent.  While we were out, we were discussing her trials and tribulations in the dating world.  I used to feel a little left out since T and I have been dating since we were 17 (we split up once for about 6 months, and I did not feel like dating at that time – I wanted to be single and have fun).  I’ve never experienced the awkward first dates and blind dates that the rest of my friends have.  But now that I’ve heard their stories and bad experiences, I’m so glad that I’ll never have to go through that!

I don’t understand why it’s so hard for them to find a decent guy to date.  My single friends are all attractive, smart, funny and intelligent women, and I feel like men should be beating down their doors for a date.  But that’s not really happening.  The ones they do end up going out with turn out to be duds or there is just no chemistry there.  I’m sure it doesn’t help that Atlanta’s girl to guy ratio is 6:1 (Hey hot guys, hear that?  Move here and date my awesome friends!)

I also wonder if their intelligence and the fact that they know what they want tends to scare guys away.  They are assertive and out-spoken, and I feel like a lot of Southern guys might not be able to handle that.  They are used to the sweet, sometimes ditzy, girls that don’t often speak up (that’s what really bothers me about living here sometimes) and don’t want someone who they feel will threaten their intelligence.  Whatever it is, it really sucks.  And I feel bad for saying this, but it makes me so happy that I’ve snagged T and don’t have to deal with that crap anymore.  🙂

Do any of you single girls (or your single friends) out there have this same problem?