My Monday did not start off as I expected.  Instead of waking up at 7:20 like I normally do, I woke up and noticed how bright it was.  Wondering to myself about what time it was, I slowly rolled over and looked at my alarm clock; 8:40.  8:40, what the hell?!?!?  I’m supposed to be leaving now!  So, I checked the alarm and realized that I had set it for 7:20 p.m. and not a.m.  DUH.  This meant no shower and no leisurely getting ready.  It was basically a mad scramble to throw on clothes and make up, brush my hair, and fly out the door into my car that had icicles on it since it was like 20 degrees out.  All I have to say is, thank God it’s MLK Day and most of Atlanta (except me) was out of work so the traffic was non-existent.    

This stressful start to my day definitely foreshadowed what the rest of my day would be like (read: frustrating).  I got to work only 20 minutes late, which made me happy.   But it’s been downhill ever since.  I was asked to continue to contact (pester) this editor about writing a story about a client.  I’ve already e-mailed her 3 times last week pitching the story and also given her some follow up calls.  I still hadn’t heard back from her this morning, so my boss asked me to call her again, which I really did NOT want to do.  I hate feeling like I’m bothering people, and I’m sure she will write the story.  I just don’t want to bug her to the point of ruining the relationship I’ve built with her.  I left her another message and surprise, still haven’t heard back (I wouldn’t call me back if I were her after getting all those e-mails and calls, but maybe I’m just a bitch).

Later in the day, I was working on the copy for an invite that is supposed to fit into a mock passport.  This basically means I have about 3.75 inches X 2.75 inches to write everything I need to entice people to come to the event.  So frustrating!!!  I seriously spent hours trying to play with the size and text to make it fit.  I think I finally finished it though, so that’s a relief.  

Yesterday I met with a wedding photographer that T and I and my parents liked, and he reserved the date for us on the spot.  All we had to do was finish the paperwork, fax it over, and pay the deposit by today.  Problem was that my dad was supposed to pay through PayPal, and I could NOT get a hold of him all day.  I wanted to make sure he paid first before I faxed the contract back.  I finally got a hold of him, and he paid.  Then right as I got ready to fax the contract, my boss got on a 45-minute call (on the fax machine line), and I couldn’t fax the shit till an hour after I had planned.  I hope the fax went through OK because the lady who it was to was about to head home.  Grrrr.

So, that’s been my day.  I hope yours has been better. 

(Stuff like this makes me realize why I HATE Mondays)