Thank God it’s Friday!  I am so ready for the weekend.  This week at work has been hectic and busy, which is nice because it makes the time fly by but makes your brain tired.  I am ready to go out and have a drink with T and my friends and unwind.  I’m sure T is too!  He’s been busting his ass all week long.  Plus I’m looking forward to getting to interact with him for more than 30 minutes a day. 🙂

I’m sort of giddy today because it’s supposed to snow tonight/tommorrow early morning.  That will be the 2nd time this week.  You’re laughing aren’t you?  Welll…it’s a big deal to me because I live in the hot-as-hell city of Atlanta, and it hasn’t snowed here since 2005.  I used to go up to NY in the winter to visit friends, but I haven’t made it in a couple of years, so I’ve missed that snow too.  Last year I visited a friend in NYC and flew out really early on a Monday – it snowed a ton that afternoon.  That’s just my luck! 

I only hope that the snow doesn’t interfere with my hair appointment tomorrow because that would suck – I’m getting some serious roots here!!  I used to get my hair colored and cut every 4-5 weeks because I had it short, but now I am trying to grow it out for the wedding.  This means the appointments are a little more spaced out.  I’m kinda weirded out by the thought of having long hair again (for me that’s a little past my shoulders, which is probably short for most people).  I have fine, thin, straight hair so it doesn’t always look that great when it’s longer, but it looks awesome when it’s short.  I’m really laid back about my hair too – my hair’s been so many colors.  Dirty blonde, bright blonde, brown, various shades of red, and dark brown with red highlights (my fave and current look).  I basically let my stylist cut and color it how he thinks it’ll look cool.  **Side note:  I hate plain, boring hair so mine is always a cool color and a funky cut.  I hair modeled once.  Check out my skillz, ha ha. **


 I’m not sure if you can really see how cool it was because I took this picture with my phone.  My stupid camera memory card messed up and erased the real ones I took.

Well, yay for Fridays, haircuts, and really random posts.  I hope your day goes by quickly so you can jump right into the weekend.