With my wedding around the corner (I swear I won’t talk about this all the time, it’s just new and a GIGANTIC part of my life right now) and planning getting heavily underway, I am faced with the decision of what to do for my bachelorette party.  This is supposed to be my last wild and crazy night with my girls as an unmarried chica, and I have no clue what I want to do.  Do I just stay in Atlanta and hit up a lot of cool/fun places?  Do I go out of town for a crazy adventure?  Or do I do something more low-key, either in town or out.

T and his boys are going to Las Vegas for his bachelor party, which sort of freaks me out a little.  It’s not that I don’t trust him, but most of his boys are single.  So that means (to me at least) lots of partying, probably at a strip club, and lap dances from skanky girls (eww).   I know I should trust the boys because they are my friends too, but I’m still worried that they will get drunk and egg T on to do stupid stuff (which might make me mad).  It’s not even that I have anything against strip clubs.  I’ve gone before with T and our friends, and it’s always been funny and we all had a great time.  But still, I won’t be there so I worry.

His trip to Vegas also makes me think that maybe I should do something crazy like that.  The day we got engaged, my study abroad girls were talking about all of us going to Vegas for a girls’ trip.  So maybe I’ll have my bachelorette party there.  The only reason I’m hesitant about going is because I want all of my close friends there, and I know some of them don’t have a ton of extra cash – hell by that time I might not either.  😦    

What I do know is that I want it to be a memorable night or weekend, where everyone has an amazing time they will never forget.  Stupid games, penis cakes, goofy hats and tons of hilarious pictures are totally must haves!  Guess I better tell my friends to start saving up!  😉