So, Friday night drunkenness got me roped into actually going to the gym with a friend of a friend who is training for marathon (no way in HELL would I ever want do that) and today I made it to the LA Fitness for the 1st time in 2008 – sad I know, but it’s a start.  I grabbed one of my co-workers and we met up with marathon chick. 

When we got to the gym, we went to change and I realized that I had no sports bra and no socks!!  I tried to wear my nylons and that looked really hot, so I went sockless (makes bing’s feet not so happy).  The work out area was a cluster fuck, and I was thisclose to bailing and hiking around my neighborhood in the cold, dark night.  Luckily we found some bikes and rode for 20 minutes then did some legs and abs.  I guess I feel pretty good about it, but am annoyed about getting home after 8 (boo).

Weekend recap:  In case you were wondering, I survived the bridal show.  It was kinda helpful I guess.  I got to meet some photographers and I won $600 off on wedding videography (I think it was the highest prize on the fake Wheel of Fortune wheel-go me).  The rest of the show was a joke.  I am so glad I didn’t pay to go, or I would have been pissed.  

There were like a thousand spa and make up companies.  Who cares?!?!  If I go to a bridal show, I want to be able to find people to make my planning easier and not ones who show me how to look like I lost weight because I wrapped myself up like a mummy coated in seaweed cream.  On a happy note, my mom and I went to Season’s 52 for a yummy lunch of flatbread, awesome sandwiches and some glorious vino afterwards.  🙂

I think I’m making some progress on the wedding planning.  I found someone who can do a Catholic ceremony not in the church (sounds too good to be true, but it is) since T and I want to have the ceremony at the same place as our reception and we are Catholic flunkies that don’t belong to a church.  Plus it’s a lot easier when people don’t have to drive all over the ATL since our traffic SUCKS.  I also found some cute save the date cards and maybe some invitations that I like, woot woot.  Nighty-night ladies and gentlemen!   🙂