First of all, yay for it being Friday!!!  This week has seemed never-ending (it probably didn’t help that I’ve been hacking out a lung all week b/c of my cold), but now it’s finally done and party time!  Woot for the weekends.

So…on with the post.  I am getting married in 225 days, eek!  I can’t believe it, at times it still feels so unreal.  After dating someone for 8 years (long time, I know!) it’s funny to me to call him my fiance and to talk about our wedding/marriage.  After 8 years of calling T my boyfriend, I still catch myself slipping up and still referring to him as that.  It’ll also be weird to celebrate a totally new anniversary (wedding day – 08/24/08) and not our November one, and to get a new last name.  It’s kinda sad.  When we get married, I am planning on taking his last name.  This means my family’s name will end – I have a sister and my only male cousin with the same last name passed away from cancer when we were kids.  It’s funny how marrying the man of your dreams means you end up with a totally new identity and become part of a new family (at least I love my in-laws – they rock).

In wedding preparation land, I feel like I’ve made a pretty big dent.  I’ve booked my reception and ceremony site (they’re in the same place) and I love it!!!  They cater, provide beer and wine, and an awesome space for the biggest day/partay of my life.  I bought my dress, which is amazing.  It was not what I had intended on purchasing (I had been trying on a bunch of other styles that I thought I wanted and avoiding the tiered kind at all costs) but when I put it on, it rocked!  I only had to go to 2 stores and try on about 10 dresses (go Bing!).  I also picked out the colors and the bridesmaids dresses that will look awesome on my girls.  

Even though I feel like I’ve gotten a bunch done, it’s just the 1st drop in the bucket.  Now I need to book photogs, video people, flowers, cake, and an officiant (where the hell do I find one?!?!)  Stress.

On Sunday I’m hitting up my first bridal show (I’m a little scared of the crazy bridezillas I will encounter) but hopefully I will get some good ideas. 

 Back to work for me…only 5ish more hours till the yummy alcohol flows with my friends.  🙂